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“June“ grass annual appearance on the beach

June Grass Emerald CoastIt looks slimy and sounds scary when called by its proper name, an algae of the Cladophora family. But the green stuff that shows up in area Gulf waters during the warm summer months is not toxic. It’s mainly a nuisance, but can smell bad when it washes up on the beach and bakes in the sun.

Named “June Grass” because it most often comes in June, it seems a little late this year. The algae moves with the currents, so it is difficult to predict where it will hit the beach. A pocket of the lime green stuff can be on a particular stretch of beach today and gone tomorrow.

June Grass most definitely doesn’t eat anything; and that includes “flesh,” no matter what you hear on Atlanta-based weather reports. In fact, it helps prevent beach erosion, experts say.