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NO monkeys! NO elephants!

No Animal Print Decor

Remember when the hot trend in interior design was an internationally famous designer’s jungle resort look? Monkeys were on lamps, wallpaper and pillows. Elephants lumbered along lampshades, rugs and armchairs. Palm fronds decorated baths. Wearing a pith helmet in the dining room would have not been out of place.

No more! Properties stuck on the jungle resort safari don’t sell quickly and don’t sell for market prices.

Today’s buyers are looking for updated HGTV-style interiors. We’re talking open floor plans, light colors and farmhouse fixtures. If you plan to sell your home, it’s worth the investment to make it up-to-date. Otherwise, prospective buyers will walk away and the bottom feeders will make low-low offers on what will be perceived as a fixer-upper.