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Real Estate & Investment Property Buyers

Real Estate - Investment Property BuyersSome real estate & investment property buyers feel that Realtors are needed only because they have access to locks and codes to let them into homes.

Those same buyers quickly learn that my job is much more significant than granting access:
1. I know what’s on the market and, more importantly, I often know what not YET on the market;
2. I listen to what buyers say about what they want and need in a new property;
3. I save them time by culling through all the places that won’t work for their criteria;
4. I save them money by knowing market pricing as well as networking with other Realtors in the marketplace.

Buying a New Home: Maximize Live-in Value

In the avalanche of data, advice and opinions that surround real estate, it is easy to forget a basic principle: a home’s live-in value should be a primary factor in deciding to buy.

That’s why Florida author/architect Marianne Cusato urges buyers to start their search for a home or retirement home with a what-I-want list to avoid after-the-purchase remorse. Cusato, author of The Just Right Home: Buying, Renting, Moving – or Just Dreaming – Find Your Perfect Match, says in a recent article published by Florida Realtors that it’s not easy finding the perfect home.

With your what-I want list firmly in hand, you can make better decisions about what properties you want to investigate. Then we can match your list to homes in this area, allowing you to concentrate on deciding among good choices instead of walking through places that won’t work for you.

It doesn’t make sense to buy a home with features or a location that isn’t a good fit for you and your family. For example, why buy a home with a huge kitchen and high-end appliances if your favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations?

Make list of what you want in a new primary, vacation or retirement home, then check it twice to prioritize. This simple step will make your search for a new place easier anymore fun.

Buyers Often Buy an Investment Property in Their Own Neighborhoods

Mark Zuckerberg bought the 4 homes around his to have extra privacy. He’s so rich, he’s actually blocking people in real life. — Jimmy Fallon

Although the comedian’s one-liner brings a smile, there’s some solid real estate strategy behind it. Many savvy homeowners buy into their own neighborhoods. They know the value of the place where they live, and typically have an insider’s access to good values on the market. If they plan to rent out a second home, it is easier to manage a place down the street than someplace more distant.